Increase Open Rates & Email Deliverability

Have you noticed a drop in open rates & confirmed opt-ins?

Let me guess, you're using Get Response…

Lucky guess!

Years ago, we noticed our open rate go from 55% to 5% overnight.  People were not opening our emails.

Our staff registered new emails & tested our landing pages.  Sure enough, our confirmation emails were landing in the spam filters.   Our leads weren't seeing the confirmation to confirm to start receiving our updates.

Here's the solution:

Use Aweber!

We switched to Aweber and using the same testing process – our confirmation emails landed in the inbox 100% of the time.

If a lead decided not to confirm, at least we knew they had received it in their inbox.

Our open rates increased dramatically.

Our orders increased dramatically.

I cancelled our account with Get Response.

What does that means for you?   We want you to make the switch & test it out.  We are giving you a 14-day free try before you buy offer…

BONUS:  When you go through our link, we will add 50 bonus clicks to your order.  That way – your open rates improve.  Your deliverability increases.  You buy more advertising.  It's a win-win for everyone.   

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