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 Maximize Your N.O.I. (Net Operating Income)
with Real Time, Quality Based Traffic!

secretweapon2Our Traffic Works. Plain and simple, our clicks turn into leads and sales for our clients, day after day. Why? Because our premium clicks come from ultra high-quality opportunity seekers and buyers. These aren't just random "clicks". These are hungry opportunity seekers - with money to spend - who are actively searching for business opportunity information, programs, offers, and systems.

Scale Up Fast - With No Limits. When you've got a winning offer, you want to scale up immediately - without waiting. As a high-volume click supplier, we can provide you with 100,000... 500,000... even 1 million clicks and more for your converting offer - with no hassles or headaches. Why piece together your traffic from dozens of sources - when it's all right here, under one roof.

Always Testing New Sources. We're fanatical about finding and acquiring hot new sources of opportunity traffic for our elite clients. We test with our own money - and only deliver the handful of A+ winners to you. We do all of this "heavy lifting" for you - so you can rest assured you're only getting the highest-quality clicks for your offers.

Over 29 Years of Industry Experience. No other traffic supplier can boast almost 30 years of in-the-trenches experience (offline and online) in the opportunity industry - both as a marketer and traffic supplier. We know the industry from the inside out - and understand the needs of the opportunity marketer better than the rest. We're Always on Your Side - determined to make sure our traffic increases your leads, sales, and profits.

 Our Passion is Your Success. Everything we do is done with one goal in mind: Helping you get the results you need to succeed. Our laser focus on your success is why our exclusive clientele keep buying traffic from us, again and again. And that's why we continually push to provide you with the highest-quality opportunity traffic on the planet.



Our Clients Are Number One!

"Very happy with my results.  Ordered 100 click test package and received 47 new leads and 5 trial signups with 1 upgrade!" - Dennis Adams

"Just letting you know we'll be increasing the order to 100,000 clicks based on the last three orders!"- Tanya Jackson

"Thanks Kit. We added over 560 new leads on a 1000 click package. We had 22 signups who upgraded to the pro level. I'm telling my whole team about this." - James Moore

"I reached my first promotion in 6 days thanks to The Click Agency. Thanks, Kit. Now I'm on the leaderboards!" - David J.

I now have 11 direct signups and 29 in my downline in just months in the business! The Click Agency is my secret weapon for everything! - Make D.

I'm super excited about the traffic I received from you guys. I purchased a 200 click package and actually received 270 clicks with 85 optin leads. I'm stoked to share this resource with my entire team and other networkers out there!

I also appreciate the consultation on perfecting my landing page for better conversions.

----Kenetra CashFlow Queen Ahlaam


Less than 3 months in, and I already have 68 people in my downline. I have never seen anything like this. It's so easy and IT WORKS! - JoEllen Wieseler

I've been very impressed with your leadership and what you have been doing for my team so far...I really appreciate you many thanks! - Graham N.


Are You Ready to Deliver QUALITY Prospects
to Your Home Business Opportunity?




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The Click Agency use Click Meter to monitor all quality traffic.

All Sales Are Final.  By Placing Your Order, You Agree to The Terms & Conditions Below.


  • There are NO REFUNDS. All Sales are Final. No Exceptions.
  • We require full-payment (U.S. Funds Only) before clicks are scheduled for delivery.
  • You agree not to dispute your payment or agreement to make payment – once your payment has been processed.
  • You May NOT Change Your URL Once You've Submitted It for Approval
  • Your Clicks Will Begin 72 Hours AFTER We Review Your Sales Funnel.
  • The Delivery Time May Be Spread Out Between 3 to 14 Days Depending On Your Click Package.
  • We CANNOT guarantee any specific results. It is your responsibility to have a lead capture page, offer, funnel, etc. that converts. Your specific results are determined by your offer, sales copy, and other influences beyond our control.
  • We only send clicks to lead capture pages. We cannot send clicks directly to sales pages, replicated websites, Facebook Fanpages, blogs, etc.
  • If we determine we cannot fulfill your order for any reason, we will refund your monies in full.
  • You agree to reimburse us for any fees we incur to recover disputed payments from you, including – but not limited to – collection agency fees, attorney fees, etc.
  • You agree that by submitting your order above, you are in full agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

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