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Optimize Your Landing Page, Kit

  1. Make sure you give your visitors a reason to opt-in. If you ask them to give you an email, then, what are you delivering to that email?
  2. Make sure you do “DOUBLE OPT-IN” to avoid bots & increase your deliverability rates. The thank you page could be a “check your email” box instead of the actual download.
  3. Less is better.. Want to increase your opt-in rate? Ask for less information. Ideally, ask for EMAIL only on your opt-in pages.
  4. Narrow your headline down to the ultimate benefit – “What's in it for me?” This is for your landing page and repeated throughout your sales presentation or sales page. What problem are you solving?
  5. Give your users the easy three step method PLUS. The three steps for the Work from Home Industry are: money, company, system. The PLUS comes in with your success stories and your own personality. Many people neglect the money part, which is WHY people are even considering your offer.
  6. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN THEY MAKE? Most people disagree that this should be first, but I believe that MOST, if not all, visitors are looking for the answer to this question first in our work from home niche. The sooner you give it to them, the longer they listen.
  7. People like connecting with other people in this industry. This is not your typical buy a shirt market. This is where you get to network with other people who are looking for a side income that will become their main income. Therefore, add your personality, add your picture, add your personality to the page.
  8. Don't try to be someone else. Let me explain. I have seen/met many people trying to be “fill in their mentor”. They copy their pages. They copy their message. They continue to struggle. If you're a pig farmer wearing overhauls, then, guess what? You need to convey that and be yourself as a pig farmer. If you're a coffee drinking, chain smoking, stay in your pajamas all day kind of person, then guess what? That's what should be in your videos and landing pages. If you are a divorced, struggling mom of four who is taking action to give them a better way, then guess what? TELL EVERYONE AND TELL EVERYONE YOUR PLAN FOR FREEDOM!
  9. Make sure your background image is OVER THE TOP. LeadPages recently did a split-test with two different backgrounds. The capture page on the right outperformed the left one 60% to 40%. That's how important the background image is..

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