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Congrats on your decision to get 35% cashback on all your traffic purchases. Remember, we get paid every weekend for all Click Orders that you make for the week. This includes YOUR OWN purchases as well as YOUR OWN referrals. Remember, buying from yourself is exactly the same as when a new customer buys from you. You click your link, pick a click package, and that new customer is attached to you. Make sure you use a DIFFERENT email address for your purchase. That way – YOUR new email is attached to you just like a new customer.

If you use the same email, then, that's attached to your sponsor. You would just use a different email address so it attaches to YOU. 

Let me walk you through how to purchase from yourself to get cashback this weekend: 

Step 1: Clear Your Cookies in Your Browser. 

This will clear out any previous links you may have clicked on.  If you need help with clearing cookies, then, click this link for a step by step guide for your browser. 

Step 2: Test Your Link Here:

>>You should see red text marked “test” next to link.  Click it!

>> Your link redirects to the Click Packages sales page.

Step 3:   Check the Stats

Scroll down on the same page, and you will see date/time of YOUR test click. That tells you the link works and is ready for your order.    Make sure you logout of the Click Agent backoffice because you will need to use a DIFFERENT email to become your own customer.
Go ahead and select a “Click Package” and use a different email address when buying from yourself.   That way, the new email address will be attached to you for life just like it would if you referred a new customer.

You will see commissions in real time.. as YOU purchase traffic – YOUR commission shows up in real time. (or within 5 minutes). If you don’t see it within the hour, then, contact me and I’ll get my developers on it.


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