Lead Magnet: Rebrand with Your Click Agent Link

Directions: You can now rebrand this Ten Minute Traffic Report & use it as a lead magnet or giveaway to your visitors. I recommend shortening your Click Agent link using bitly below.

Step 2: Paste Your Bitly Link Below & Click on Generate Affiliate Links.

When you paste your bitly link below & press generate, the system will populate your link inside the Lead Magnet.  When people click on your link, you earn commissions.

[AFF-TOOLS id="5"]

Step 3: Click the "Rebrand and Generate " Button Above to Download Your Lead Magnet.

When you complete Step #2 above, a button will appear.  Click the “rebrand and generate” button to download your new Lead Magnet that now contains YOUR Click Agent links.

Lead Magnet Covers