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There are two main ways that I use to cloak my link.   Bitly is a free service that allows you to shrink your longer link to a shorter link.  They track all click throughs & it's very easy to use.  ClickMagick is a paid service that allows you to track every link.  They allow you to split test links & also create rotators for your team.

Click here for Bitly
Click here for Clickmagic

You can direct your visitor to ANY page just by adding the NEW domain name to the end of your Click Agent link like this. This allows cookies to be set to YOUR visitors & you can redirect them to ANY page, including YOUR own blog posts!

Your “Become a Click Agent” Link is:

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You get paid every Friday.  Cashback on your own purchases is “refunded” back to you.  Commissions over $10,000 are overnighted via Fedex.   Commissions under $10,000 are Paypal'd to you.

Click here to contact us.  Holly and Melissa are our customer support reps.  Kit and Adam are our ad specialists.

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  1. Josh Hawkins

    I just received a commission out of the blue! Talk about making my day and lifting me up out of a funk! How did that happen?!

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