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Your business needs visitors – a consistent mix of organic and paid advertising!  That's our specialty…  We have a tried and tested and re-tested process for bringing quality backlinks and paid advertising at affordable pricing.  We are the secret source for heavy hitter blogs and big marketing agencies…

High Quality Backlinks & SEO

High Quality, Contextual Backlinks

Our marketing team will design, place, target and optimize your backlinks on our network to get the best possible dofollow backlink for you.  Increase your organic traffic to your website through contextual keywords while also boosting your own site's DA ranking.  

High Quality Backlinks with Tier 1, 2, and 3

Our marketing team will start your backlinking campaign by building out the first tier of backlinks related to your niche.  Then, we move to tier 2 that directly backlink to the tier 1 backlinks.   Then, we move to tier 3 and index every new backlink along the way.

Social Media & Blog Backlinks

Backlinks through Blog Comments

Our team uses a white hat strategy while aiming for high authority sites to get your backlinks.  Everything we do at The Click Agency is 100% Google Update Safe.   We aim for a healthy mix of dofollow & nofollow backlinks that will increase your link juice and deliver traffic to your website.

fully responsive website design

Our marketing team will design, place, target and optimize your YouTube backlinks on our network to get the best possible dofollow backlinks for you.   Increase your free organic traffic to your website through keywords while also boosting your video's ranking on the search engines.

Instant Clicks & Make Money

Instant Top-Tier Clicks

Do you need instant traffic that produces quality leads & real buyers?  Now you can tap into our advertising & siphon off top-tier traffic targeted for the work from home industry. 

Become a Click Agent

Over the years, money making trends have come and gone but there is one that remains high demand every single year and that's TRAFFIC.  Because who needs traffic? EVERYONE!

Small Business Ads

Small Biz Whiteboard Animation

Looking for the best way to promote your product or service?  Do you want to set yourself apart from the competition?  The whiteboard animation explainer video is the way to go.  It's exciting and fun to watch so it increases engagement AND buyer conversions.

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Get your business in front of the right people at the right time.   The Click Agency was created with one goal in mind: to help small businesses get better results with better targeting & smarter testing.

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