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kit-smallUrgent Message from Kit Elliott

Dear Entrepreneur,

While many programs come and go, there is one offer that is evergreen with a demand that keeps growing at an unprecedented rate.   What is the number one offer on the internet today? It's Online Advertising, specifically CLICKS! For a short time, I'm looking for a few honest people, just like you, to work very closely with me – and pocket DAILY profits with our “breakthrough discovery” that I've been using to fill my own personal bank account with cash! click-agent-kit-elliott Now, you can cash in on this ever-expanding market by becoming a Click Agent. Click Agents earn 35 cents per click.  Don't take my word for it, do the math for yourself: click-agent-earnings Here's the best part:  We deliver the highest converting clicks on the internet in the “Work from Home” niche.   When people order from us one month, they rush to order again when the cart opens two weeks later.  When the cart opens again two weeks later, they increase their order.    You get paid when they order today – tomorrow – or ANYTIME in the future – FOR LIFE!

The Demand for Online Advertising is EXPLODING:

In 2004, Online Advertising reached 1 billion dollars. In 2008, Online Advertising exploded to 23.4 billion dollars. TODAY – it's over 40 billion dollars spent on online advertising.  That's a 3900% increase in Online Advertising demand over a ten year period… wholesale-clicksAND THERE IS NO END TO THIS DEMAND!

Here's Why YOU Should Be Selling Internet Advertising:

      1. No Products to Stock or Ship!
      2. High Profit Margins for YOU as a Click Agent!
      3. High Demand!
      4. Unlimited Supply (30 Million Clicks Per Month!)
      5. Lifetime Profits
      6. Easy Fulfillment – WE DO ALL THE WORK!
      7. Run From ANYWHERE in the World!
      8. Start in Your Spare Time.
      9. No Technical Experience Necessary.

There are two ways to increase market share of The Click Agency. click-agent-commissions

NUMBER ONE:   I can hire more staff and sales people to reach more of the market – and sell millions of dollars in Internet Advertising.  Honestly, I hate this idea – because the headaches and hassles of hiring and managing a large staff is overwhelming.   Add up the increased overhead, salaries, all the extra paperwork and forms – and I've just added a lot of “office politics” to my business! chek

OR NUMBER TWO:  I can work with a few motivated people.. “Click Agents” who want to promote our Click Packages using the proven marketing system and advertising tools and training I've developed.. and we can split the profits!    Now, we both make money.   If I go this route, I believe I can still double or triple sales.. without any of the headaches of hiring and managing more people.  I increase my total sales and clients and each “Click Agent” makes as much money as they want.

I want to partner with YOU – and work together to tap into the huge growth in Internet Advertising sales.. so we can both profit! By doing this… WE BOTH WIN! YOU WIN.. by getting the rights to promote a hot-selling, evergreen Internet Advertising service that people are hungry for.. while The Click Agency does the actual “work” of fulfilling all the orders for you.  (AND, you'll get to keep a huge portion of each and every sale if you're one of the lucky few to work with me.) I WIN.. because I get a motivated group of agents who are promoting the service and generating more business… without having to worry about “managing” each one.   Each Click Agent is responsible for their own marketing – so they can make as much or as little as they want.  I just have to help each one make as much money as they want. Since you're reading this.. please consider this MY PERSONAL INVITATION TO YOU.. to join me in an adventure that has already proven to work… and I believe will help you make the money you want, too!

Here's How This System Works…

It's really very simple… Using my ready-to-go marketing and what works today training, you'll be promoting my best, proven Internet Advertising package – CLICKS! To make it even easier for you to cash in, I am providing you with three valuable bonuses that you can easily use as a Click Agent:

Can You Really Make Money?

Right now, there are over 91 million network marketers, affiliate marketers, and Internet marketers online – desperately searching for traffic. I'll show you HOW to get right in front of them… and find an endless supply of red-hot “Traffic Buyers”, every single day. All you do is use my marketing tools to show these excited, motivated BUYERS all of the instant traffic they can get – and you make 35 cents per click… KA-CHING! For example, right now — millions of marketers are on Facebook, stumbling around – trying to recruit new distributors and sell products on the world's largest social media site. With my super-simple “Facebook Training System”, I'll show you how to laser-target these people… and get YOUR Click Agency site in front of 100's, even 1,000's of them DAILY! Imagine — if just 1 or 2 people BUY through your Facebook campaigns, you could make $100 to $500 PER DAY! Just through Facebook. Plus, I'll also show you how to attract a growing tidal wave of click buyers using the power of YouTube!

You'll Get EVERYTHING You Need to Start Making Money VERY QUICKLY As A Click Agent:

click-agent-bonus-1 click-agent-bonus-2 click-agent-bonus-3 click-agent-bonus-4   click-agent-bonuses

  • Certified Click Agent Commissions – Become a Click Agent and YOU Earn 35 cents per click whether YOU BUY THEM or YOU SELL THEM!
  • You can easily get your Click Agent Fee back with one or two sales!
  • Traffic Tracker and Earnings Dashboard – See your traffic stats in real-time and your commissions immediately every time someone buys a click package!
  • Facebook Training and Software – Facebook just changed their ad platform over to a more newbie-friendly dashboard.  YOU get the step by step training that sells for $995 last week alone.    You'll have Facebook ads approved today following my step by step training!
  • Free Advertising Strategy – The Heavy Hitters and Top Earners ALL use this YouTube strategy, and you can easily target your market using my step by step training!
  • And Much, Much More…

Actual Bonus Value:  


click-agent-fee2 click-agent-fee YES!  I want to become a Click Agent!  I understand I'll have complete access to The Click Agent Dashboard Where I Earn 35 Cents Per Click Bought and Sold Through The Click Agency.   I'll also get complete access to the Click Agent Bonuses, Actual Value of $2,288!    I am READY to start earning big commissions.  I'm committed and see the tremendous demand for online advertising. You can count me in!  I am pressing the Add to Cart button RIGHT NOW!


jg-tripwire-guaranteeclick-agent-60-day The Click Agent Offer is guaranteed for 60 Days.  If you haven't made money within 60 days, and you want your money back – just let me know.  You'll get a no-questions asked money-back guaranteed!  If you make money – then you're a certified click agent!   The sky is the limit.   Please Note:  You cannot get a refund once you earn commissions, because the system is programmed to pay you over and over again on each customer! How can I be any fairer than that? The ONLY way you can lose… is if you don't take just a second right now to get “Instant Access” to this training and see what it's all about… mlmtripsub9-2 Every minute you wait to get this training, you're missing out. Get my training right now… become a Click Agent right now… and I'll show you how to stop struggling… and start making real money online in just minutes per day. Do Not Miss Out – and let 100's of leads and who knows how much money slip through your grasp. Click the “BUY NOW” button below right now to activate your Click Agent account!