Here's How We'll Launch Your Legendary Podcast Site in 6 Easy Steps...


We'll go through a questionnaire that will help us create copy & a design that brands you as the "influencer" in your space. We'll deliver the best first impression that you can give your visitors as soon as they land on your influencer site.

Schedule a "Clarity Call" with our designer & copywriter. The goal of the "clarity call" is to get a clear vision of your business & create a blueprint. We will set your business goals & determine a conversion goal for each page. This will serve as a smart guide throughout the entire process.


This step is the known as “The Gathering”.  Here – we can take professional photos to include with the site or use your existing photos.  Keep in mind – any graphics can easily be switched out at any time in the future.  

We'll gather all assets you want featured on your site:

>>Your Logo

>>Testimonials & Success Stories

>>YouTube Videos

>>Podcast / Blog Articles

>>Social Media (or setup)


We'll create each page of your site as per your smart guide.  Our goal is to provide a complete visual of the project so we can easily track the progress & meet every deadline.


Each page will be unique & copy created for conversions.  We'll submit each page for you for immediate feedback & edit each page fast according to feedback.


After all the pages are designed, we'll “push live” & meticulously test your new influencer site for every known device, tablet, phone & browser.

Then, we hand over the keys to your site along with easy to follow video tutorials on how to edit the content using our built-in drag & drop functionality.    No techie experience needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each site is specifically built for SEO.  Search engines love our sites with our built-in tags linked directly to Google.  

Your site will come with SSL at no additional cost to you.  We understand that search engines are dropping pages that are not SSL (or pushing them down to page 17 on the search results).  That's why we meticulously make sure every page is secured with no warning messages.

Keep in mind, this does not include CRM, membership or e-commerce integration.   

Week One:  Steps 1 & 2

Week Two:  Steps 3 & 4

Week Three: Step 5

If you do not have hosting or a server, then, we will set you up with our recommended hosting for less than $5 per month.   


Our custom podcast sites start at 2 payments of $897. To get started, we require half deposit. The other half payable after step 4 has been finalized above... (which is final approval). Click the button below and type DEPOSIT in the coupon code to pay your deposit.

Our Follow-Up Guarantee

After we hand the keys over to you, we check your site everyday for 30 days. We check your site for browser compatibility, SSL functionality & fix any issues that come up.

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